I was a stray cat that was found in Greenfield Park, my rescuer decided to name me Espresso for the color of my fur. I am about nine months old and I had a very bad start to life. Someone noticed me sitting on a second story balcony for couple of days meowing for help. She didn’t know what to do; so she contacted someone to help me, that day, changed my life and my rescuers life forever.

While I was sitting on the balcony, I was scared and in excruciating pain but I never gave up hope that someone would come and rescue me. When I finally heard someone coming up the balcony steps, I hobbled over to them on my three good legs, I couldn’t walk on my front left leg it was badly swollen so I kept it up in the air.

My rescuer gently put me in a cat carrier, while I whimpered in pain, she gave me reassurance by petting me and telling me everything would be alright. All I could do was gently lick her hand to show her my gratitude for helping me. At that moment, my rescuer automatically knew, she was going to do everything possible to help me.

The Veterinarian at the Clinic Arsineau, gave me some pain medicine and took an x-ray of my left leg, the x-ray didn’t show good news for me. I have a fracture humorous bone, which is very expensive to repair. To have a fracture like mine, Dr. Arsineau feels a car must have hit me.

The Veterinarian gave my rescuer three choices: make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, amputate my leg or euthanise me. My rescuer knew she wasn’t going to euthanise me; she booked an appointment at Veterinarian Hospital in Brossard with their specialist Dr. Auger to have him repair my leg.

Dr. Auger doesn’t know what extent my leg is damaged until he opens me up tomorrow (May 2 nd) if the fracture is more then 10 days old, he will have to fuse the bones together which will be anywhere from 2500-3000$ If the fracture is less then 10 days old, he will be able to repair the fracture for 1800$

Either way it’s a lot of money, I really would like to help my rescuer who has a big heart but not a big pocket book raise some money. I am asking you to help them, if you could donate a few dollars for my surgery, it would make a difference!

My rescuer is not a registered charity, she will not be able to give you a tax deductible receipt for your donation, but she can give you a big heartfelt thank-you.